Areas of Expertise

Lynn eTherapy Provides therapy based on two therapy styles: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Reality Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral therapy focuses on how our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are all connected. Specifically, challenging your thinking patterns. By tackling negative thinking patterns we are able to change our behaviors and emotions.

Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy focuses on the present. We are aware the past plays a huge part in our present day experience. Reality therapy acknowledges the past, identifies its influence and utilizes resources to change the present day experience.

"Don't Call Me Crazy" 

Lynn eTherapy hosts its annual forum,  "Don't Call Me Crazy," bringing the community together to discuss an array of mental health topics every year. This is an open discussion guided by panelists ranging from therapists, community leaders and health care providers. We take this opportunity to bridge the uncommon misconceptions crippling mental health by opening the conversation amongst the community & our professional panelists. "Don't Call Me Crazy" gives the community a voice to share their concerns, questions and personal experiences of the stigmas surrounding mental health.


This year we DOUBLED our attendance and we are so appreciative of our supporters and clients. We look forward to advancing "Don't Call Me Crazy" for 2020 and raising even more awareness for Mental Health and combating the stigma!